Greg Lavelle

May 5, 2021

1 min read

Greg Lavelle — Offering Financial Services in Worcester, MA

Based in Worcester, MA, Greg Lavelle is a FINRA Series 6 and 63 license holder who draws upon three decades of experience in financial and insurance services to serve as president and CEO of Corporate Benefit Plans and Operating via a process-driven system for tax planning and wealth accumulation, Greg Lavelle delivers personalized retirement planning strategies to clients in Worcester, MA, and surrounding regions. He is particularly adept in Medicare, Social Security, and long-term care planning.

Mr. Lavelle has led both companies since 1995, prior to which he spent five years as an account executive with Blue Cross Blue Shield. He has been featured on several TV and radio programs throughout his career and has authored four books and numerous articles. He holds memberships in the Financial Planning Association and the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce.

Complementing his career experience, he received an MBA from Northeastern University in 2012. He is a veteran of the US Navy and, in his free time, enjoys running and biking.

Greg Lavelle — Offering Financial Services in Worcester, MA

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